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GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS... the ABA T-shirt is close to SOLD OUT due to unexpected high demand from NBA players, celebrities and fashion stylists before it ever hit the market. However, we only have under 50 left.... first come first served.




"NEW" PRE-ORDER is only available until March 1st.

Price: $28.99

Courtside Jones and Little Mountain Print Shoppe have collaborated to unveil this Limited Issue Vintage shirt. The inspiration was to commemorate the ABA trailblazers of the early 1970’s.

Each Tri-blend shirt is individually printed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Using only premium inks & additives for a soft to the touch feel.


As insider’s know Courtside Jones creator has a priceless collection of sports trading cards since his NYC childhood. Included in each order is a vintage 1970’s TOPPS basketball card. However, one random customer will have included a mint condition TOPPS 1977 Julius “Dr. J” Eriving card worth $50.